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About the Risner Spinal Center

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Providing Northwest Ohio with NUCCA Chiropractic Care

Dr. Steve and Michelle Risner, with their family, have been in independent practice for over 10 years providing northwest Ohio with the NUCCA technique—the technique developed and endorsed by the National Upper Cervical Chiropractor Association. Dr. Steve first practiced in Seattle, Washington, with Dr. Lee Yardley. Dr. Yardley’s dedication to teaching and advancing the NUCCA technique provided a great opportunity for Dr. Steve to learn all he could before opening his own practice in Findlay. The Risner Spinal Center is truly a family practice as Dr. Steve, his wife, Michelle, and their children are always present at the office. Ranging from 1 to 12 years in age, their 5 children certainly change the atmosphere of their practice.

  • 10 Plus Years of Experience
  • Advanced Upper Cervical Chiropractic Technique
  • Serving the Findlay, Tiffin and Surrounding NWO Area
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Common Problems We Have Helped

A common belief, because of the area we focus most of our attention on is the neck, is that the Risner Spinal Center only can help with neck problems. This is an understandable misconception, but be assured that the adjustment from a trained NUCCA chiropractor can correct the spine from the first bone of the neck down to the pelvis and anywhere in between. Common problems Dr. Steve has helped people with at the Risner Spinal Center include headaches including migraines, trigeminal neuralgia and other facial pains, balance problems, neck and shoulder pain, arm and hand pain or numbness/tingling, pain between the shoulder blades, high blood pressure, acid reflux, breathing related problems, poorly functioning immune system resulting in things like frequent colds, sleeping problems, lower back pain, rib pain, pain into the buttocks, hips and legs, numbness in the legs or feet, colic, ear aches, and so many more.

  • Headaches Including Migraines
  • Neck and Shoulder Pain
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Sleeping Problems
  • Pain in the Buttocks, Hips and Legs
  • Acid Reflux

Why people choose us?

Exceptional Results

It’s because of our exceptional results that the Risner Spinal Center attracts practice members from all over Ohio from Dover to Van Wert, Columbus and Celina to Toledo and Grand Rapids and just about anywhere in between. Dr. Steve’s dedication to offering comprehensive care for a variety of problems and his passion for seeing sick people get well and well people staying well means whatever is required to give a practice member a higher level of health will be done.

Compassion for Families

It’s because of his love for kids that Dr. Steve has focused a great deal of his attention on taking care of children. He’s adjusted children as young as a week old and has had great success with a large number of problems in children. Chronic ear infections and colic are the two most frequently seen issues but they are certainly not the only issues the Risner Spinal Center has helped with in children.

What is NUCCA

NUCCA is a time tested upper cervical technique that focuses on balancing the entire spine from the top down. Using meticulously taken and analyzed x-rays, a very specific adjustment is calculated for the practice member. Before and after x-rays are taken with the initial adjustment to make sure the best possible correction was made. Measurements of the entire spine are also taken before and after every adjustment to be certain follow-up adjustments are as successful as the initial adjustment. The adjustment is very gentle and safe. There is no twisting of the neck involved.

Dr. Steve chose to practice NUCCA for its specificity and its extreme attention to details and measurements. The gentle nature of the adjustment also attracted him. But most of all, it was the power of the NUCCA adjustment and how much it can positively impact our health that drew the Risners to dedicate themselves to this work.

  • No Twisting of the Neck
  • Balancing of the Entire Spine from the Top Down
  • Gentle, Safe Adjustments
  • Specific Treatment to Positively Impact Your Health