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I came to the Risner Spinal Center because I had ADHD and “motor-tics”- thought to be from stimulant meds.

We tried many solutions before coming to The Risner Spinal Center. Meds, therapy, and diet changes.

We go to church with Dr Risner, so we wanted to give him a try. Since seeing Dr. Risner, I was able to decrease my dosage of stimulant meds. My school work has improved and had a very noticeable change in my handwriting. The greatest effect of treatments that my motor tics disappeared!

Chiropractic has been a Godsend for us! I am on less ADHD medication. When nothing else worked to get rid of my motor tics, chiropractic did! When I begin to develop motor tics, I come in to see Dr Risner and get my needed adjustment and within a day the tics are gone!

Danny H,